Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Big and It's Easy

So I am off again, seeing the world. This time, the destination is the Big Easy, New Orleans. My friend Gwen lives there, and Monday is both her 40th birthday as well as the 40th anniversary of our meeting as freshmen in high school. That's right, we were fetuses during our freshmen year. 

I just know I am going to love me some New Orleans. Gwen and I get to indulge in two of our favorite things--shopping and eating, all of which is first class in NO.  The one thing I am not doing to be shopping for, however, is voodoo stuff. Voodoo scares the bejezus out of me. And, seriously, I wrestle daily with enough real-life demons which I can administrators, crazy drivers on I-83, Comcast Cable...I don't need to add an entire mafioso of invisible goofballs to add to the stress. 

My plans were almost  dashed on Tuesday when I awoke with the most horrific pain in my left ear.  Thinking I had an acute ear ache, I got to work at 6:30am and went to the Hopkins ER. After waiting about a zillion years, and  meeting the most interesting  people, I just left the ER,  came to my office, and asked Dr. Lifesaver to check it out. No ear infection, as it turns out, but an emergent visit to my dentist revealed some pressing jaw strain. Jaw strain. Who the hell gets jaw strain?

"I don't know what that is, or how I did it, but fix it," I screeched to the dentist. "I can  not, no, I WILL NOT, go to New Orleans and not be able to eat. Fix it, Fix it, FIX IT, FI..." Then he gave  me a muscle relaxer and, all of a sudden, I calmed down and felt much better. 

So me and my jaws are now feeling oh-tay, and ready for some shrimp jumbo and crawfish and yap, yap, yapping with Gwen. Those native New Orleaners thought Katrina was a force to be dealt with? They have no idea what is hitting town on Monday. 

'Course, I am taking my muscle relaxers. Just in case New Orleans hits back. 

Talk to you in a few weeks, ma cherie.


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